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Jun 13, 2024

Flow of the Week: Euro 2024 automated dashboards


In this week’s Flow of the Week, we delve into sports analytics innovation with our UEFA EURO 2024 automated dashboards, just in time for the first match kicking off this Friday. Our dashboards offer real-time data insights and dynamic visualisations to elevate your sports tracking to new heights!

Euro 2024 automated dashboards

The challenge: Visualising Euro 2024 data in real-time

For sports analysts, keeping track and visualising match data in real-time during the Euro matches can be quite a challenge. The speed at which events occur and the need to stay updated with changes can be overwhelming. This is where Flows automation comes into play.

The solution: real-time dashboard creation

Flows offers an innovative solution by creating dynamic dashboards that update in real-time during all matches. These dashboards provide a detailed view of various data points for each match, with real-time data reflecting user activity.

How It works: tables and charts in real-time

Flows collects real-time match data and visually presents it in an easy-to-understand dashboard. The table on the dashboard displays key match statistics, including the type of event, the frequency, and the current status.

Additionally, Flows generates two pie charts: one showing the number of events for each team in the match, and another displaying the total accumulated statistics for each team throughout the tournament. This allows analysts to have a comprehensive view of match activity for better decision-making.

Euro 2024 automated dashboards

Key benefits: transparency, customisation, and informed decision-making

One of the key advantages of Flows is its simplicity in customisation. With just three simple steps – selecting data points as triggers, filtering by event, and sending to dashboards – users can customise their visualisation effortlessly.

This automation provides real-time transparency about match activity during all matches. Analysts can make informed decisions based on the data, which can improve insights and the overall experience.

Euro 2024 automated dashboards

Elevating the Euro 2024 analysis

Flows is changing the game in managing and visualising real-time data during matches. With dynamic dashboards, up-to-the-second updates, and easy customisation, users can provide a more transparent and engaging analysis.

And there you have it. If you’re interested in discovering more about how Flows can enhance your Euro’s experience, contact us today!