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Aug 17, 2022

Flow of the week – Bonkers Bonus Alert


If you work in a CRM team and feel you are constantly firefighting and trying to stop bonus costs shooting through the roof, today, we have the solution for you! 

CRM is at the core of every business, and in iGaming it is one of the busiest teams working with several different over-complicated tools and bonus engines to build the best offers and communications. Today, many tasks are still manual and lots of human errors occur. How many times has an email been sent to the wrong segment? bonuses been set up in the wrong currency? or Cashbacks been paid out to the wrong list?

Not only can you build your own bonus engine using Flows, or trigger CRM directly using real-time data, and flow your customer journey to perfection, but you can also set up alerts and quick actions when those nasty mistakes happen. Stop firefighting and start preventing the fires!

We could show so many Flows on this topic, but for this week we want to keep it very simple. To show just how you can Flow it in minutes, and it might just save you thousands in bonus cost!

How do you Flow it? 

Trigger, check bonus and alert

This really is as simple as it gets with Flows! Remember – if you can think it you can Flow it. Meaning that whatever variables you would like to filter on, or actions you want to take, is possible, all you need to do is – just Flow it!

In this flow we listen to a trigger – in this case it is triggered when a bonus is offered to a customer. The flow then checks what type of bonus it is and if the amount offered is above a certain threshold. In our example we are only splitting on Cashback or normal bonus, but you can add many more splits and thresholds – as many as you need!

If the bonus offered is over the threshold it will send an immediate alert to the CRM team. But why stop there, when you can  Flow it further? If the amount is really high and above a threshold that can’t be anything but a mistake – then remove the bonus immediately and automatically using Flows!

With Flows, you can save thousands in bonus costs and many frustrated hours firefighting from your CRM team.

If you want to find out more about how flows can help you to accelerate delivery and supercharge your innovation, get in touch [email protected]