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AI generated content

Jan 4, 2023

Flow of the week – Automating AI generated content with Flows


As the customer experience becomes more and more important to businesses, companies are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. One way to do this is to create personalised content for customers based on their preferences and the context of their visit. Imagine automating new fresh content using dynamic customer data, without needing to hire a full team of content writers!

For example, a hotel customer may receive a check-in reminder email on the morning of their travel, mentioning the weather in the city they are visiting and providing weather-appropriate activities and clothing suggestions.

Until recently, this kind of customer experience was only possible with custom-built software. However, with the combination of Flows no code innovative platform, OpenAI text completion, and the weather app in Flows, businesses can now create personalised customer experiences with minimal effort!

Another example is using Flows to create automated tutorials and recommendations for your affiliate site, such as an article explaining how Walking Wilds work or how to use a Sticky bonus. By leveraging the power of openAI text completion, you can ensure that you’re providing fresh content that’s automatically updated as often as you wish, in all different languages!

OpenAI Text Completion is a machine learning model that can generate text content based on a given prompt. By integrating OpenAI Text Completion with Flows, businesses can generate personalised content for their site, crm and socials etc. For example, the hotel customer check-in reminder could be tailored to the customer’s location, with the OpenAI Text Completion providing personalised content about the weather in the city, such as temperature, humidity, and other conditions. While the Affiliate content can be tailored to SEO with presence and frequency penalty settings. Just tell the AI exactly what you need! The more exact you are in your prompt – the better your content will be.

In short, businesses can use Flows, OpenAI Text Completion, and all other apps in Flows App marketplace to generate automated and innovative personalised customer experiences.

Let’s have a look at that Hotel example, shall we?

So, how do you Flow it? 

Trigger on customer check-in today

For the Hotel example, the trigger would be set on a customer booking event. Then the flow can check if check-in is today before continuing to get the weather for today.

We then continue the Flow by sending the prompt using the OpenAI app. The App allows many settings for the prompt, or just simply send the prompt and the max tokens. In our example we send the prompt “Write a hotel booking confirmation reminder email for check in today at <Hotel> in <Location> giving advice on what to wear and activities to do as the weather is <Condition> with <TempC> degrees celsius and feels like <TempFeelsC> degrees celsius and write it in a <Tone of Voice> tone of voice and in language <Language>”

You can add as many dynamic data fields as you wish to your prompt, that can either be coming from your trigger information (in this case a hotel booking), from data saved previously in Flows or collected using other apps (such as the Weather app in this example).

Now, let’s see what content we get using our prompt for a customer checking into The Rosewood hotel in London today, the customers language is English and the Tone of voice is formal:

“Subject: Your Rosewood London Check-in Reminder

Dear Guest,
We hope you’re ready for your check-in at Rosewood London today! To ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay, we kindly suggest you consider the weather before heading out.

The current forecast is light rain with temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius (feels like 6.8 degrees Celsius). We recommend that you bring along a coat or jacket to keep warm and an umbrella in case of rain. To make sure your experience is all the more comfortable, don’t forget to pack some waterproof shoes!

Whilst enjoying our city, why not take advantage of the great outdoor activities on offer? Take a stroll through one of London’s many parks or visit some iconic landmarks such as Buckingham Palace or The Tower Bridge – all just minutes away from us. For those who prefer to stay indoors there are plenty of museums and galleries worth visiting too.

Thank you again for choosing Rosewood London as your home away from home! If there is anything else we can do to assist with your stay please do not hesitate to contact us directly at anytime.

Kind Regards,
Rosewood London Team”

Add any important information you wish to add in your automated messaging, simply by including it in the prompt! For example if we instead use the prompt:
“Write a hotel booking confirmation reminder email for check in today at <Hotel> in <Location> reminding that check in is from 2pm and that they must provide a passport and a security deposit of 150 pounds. Also give advice on what to wear and activities to do as the weather is <Condition> with <TempC> degrees celsius and feels like <TempFeelsC> degrees celsius and write it in a <Tone of Voice> tone of voice and in language <Language>”

Then we get this email:

“Dear Guest,

We are delighted to welcome you to Rosewood London today. Please note that check-in is available from 2pm and that you must present your passport and a security deposit of £150 upon arrival.

As the weather forecast for today is Light rain with 10 degrees Celsius and feels like 6.8 degrees Celsius, we recommend wearing layered clothing such as a light jacket or coat, as well as comfortable footwear.

There are plenty of indoor activities to enjoy here in London during this time of year – why not explore some of our iconic attractions such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey or the British Museum?

Once again, we look forward to welcoming you here at Rosewood London. 

Rosewood London Team”

Now imagine what you can get using plenty of dynamic data such as the customers age, gender, profession, reason for travel (work/leisure) and all other information you may get at the time of booking. You can ensure that every customer get a uniquely tailored email as their first impression of your hotel, now that’s amazing customer experience!


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