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Sep 8, 2023

Flow of the Week: Automated campaign management


Welcome back to our Flow of the Week series. This time, we’re focusing on the realm of automated campaigns, especially the tricky case of campaigns that stretch over several days of player action. Below we will showcase a flow that’s designed to supercharge your promotional strategies – the multi-day play/bet and get flow!

The essence of multi-day campaigns

In the competitive iGaming landscape, it’s crucial to keep players engaged and incentivised. Multi-day campaigns, such as “bet over X amount for Y consecutive days”, offer a unique way to achieve this, ensuring players remain active and committed over a set period.

The challenge: Tracking and rewarding consistency

The real challenge lies in tracking player activity over consecutive days, ensuring they meet the set criteria, and then rewarding them promptly and accurately. It’s about providing a seamless experience from the first bet to the bonus allocation.

The solution: How Flows simplifies the process

This is where examples like the “multi-day play/bet and get” flow shine. With Flows, platforms can:

  • Set Specific criteria: Decide if the bets should be on sportsbook, casino, specific games, or a curated list of games.
  • Automate tracking: The flow keeps an eye on user activity, ensuring players who meet the criteria over the stipulated days are identified. Automated reporting is also available through apps such as Google Sheets or Airtable.
  • Efficient bonus allocation: Once the promotion is successfully completed, bonuses are automatically assigned, and players are informed without delay.

Introducing Flo for rapid flow creation

To make the process even smoother, we have Flo, our AI tool designed to simplify flow creation. With Flo, setting up the “multi-day play/bet and get” becomes a breese. Just provide Flo with the campaign details, and it’ll handle the rest, ensuring your multi-day campaign is up and running in no time.

The potential with Flows

The “multi-day play/bet and get” is just a glimpse of what’s possible with Flows. It showcases how automation can transform complex campaigns, making them more efficient and player-friendly.

How does it Flow?

Once Flo has built your Flow for you – all you need to do is set your campaign details such as how much do they need to bet/play for per day? What games should be included in the promotion and the bonusID to use for crediting? In our example below, we decided to include all games so no game filter was added.

The flow is then connected to a gameplay trigger, so it will be triggered on every game spin. We then get today’s date to ensure that we correctly accumulate the bets per day, and once they reach the set bet amount for the campaign – we continue the flow.

We save the data in flows on the days that the campaign amount was reached, We can then query that data to check if if the customer has reached the consecutive days count for the campaign, in this example, they have to bet for over 100 euros for 3 consecutive days.

Once the customer has reached all the campaign criteria, the Flow can automatically assign the bonus by connecting directly to the platform via API. We can also add any platform as an easy-to-use app within Flows – so no need to fill in API information every time!

The Flow can also let the CRM team know that a customer completed the campaign, through communication apps such as Slack, Telegram or Microsoft teams. If needed – the flow can also push information for reporting to for example a Google sheet or Airtable.

And finally, Flows can push an onsite notification to the customer, through integration to your own onsite widget, or through 3rd party apps. So the customer will be rewarded and informed instantly for his loyalty!

If you want to find out more about how flows can help you to accelerate delivery and supercharge your innovation, get in touch.