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Mar 6, 2024

Flow of the Week: Automating age-based betting alerts


Welcome to our latest ‘Flow of the Week’ update! Prioritising security and ethical practices in online gambling has never been more important. With the UK’s introduction of age-specific stake limits, the industry faces a critical evolution towards safeguarding player well-being. This post examines how  with Flows, our advanced automation technology, you can efficiently integrating age-appropriate betting alerts and multiplier checks, setting a new standard for responsible gaming.

The Challenge: Segmentation and filtering alerts

Balancing profitability with player welfare poses a significant challenge in the iGaming landscape. As regulatory measures evolve to address gambling harms, operators are tasked with implementing effective controls to safeguard vulnerable demographics, particularly individuals between 18 and 25 years old. The  emergence of multipliers also adds an additional layer of complexity, necessitating adaptive solutions to enforce maximum bet restrictions.

The Solution: Implementing age-based betting alerts

Flows emerges as the game-changer in addressing these challenges, offering a dynamic solution to enforce age-based betting controls and multiplier checks. Let’s delve into how this innovative technology transforms wagering limits:

Age-based betting controls: Flows enables operators to create a Flow that allow you to seamlessly implement age-based wagering limit alerts, restricting users under 25 years old to a maximum bet of £2 without an alert, while older users are capped at £5. This tailored approach aligns with regulatory guidelines and promotes responsible gambling practices among vulnerable demographics.

Multiplier checks: Flows incorporates intelligent algorithms to detect multipliers within betting sessions. In cases where a multiplier is present, the system automatically adjusts the maximum bet to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Whether the multiplier is, Flows ensures that it remains within the prescribed limits for each age group.


Behind the Scenes – How It works in five simple steps:

    1. Age verification:
      Flows initiates age verification checks upon user gameplay, ensuring compliance with age-based betting restrictions.
    2. Wagering limit assignment:
      Based on the user’s age, Flows assigns the appropriate maximum bet limit (£2 for under 25s, £5 for older users).
    3. Multiplier detection:
      During gameplay, Flows continuously monitors betting sessions for the presence of multipliers.
    4. Dynamic adjustment:
      Upon detecting a multiplier, Flows dynamically adjusts the maximum bet to adhere to regulatory guidelines.
    5. Real-time enforcement:
      Flows enforces maximum bet restrictions in real-time and sends an alert to Slack if needed, providing a seamless and secure gaming experience for all users.

Flows marks a new era in the implementation of age-based betting controls and multiplier checks, enabling iGaming operators to focus on player welfare without compromising on profitability. By seamlessly integrating these features into their platforms, operators demonstrate a commitment to responsible gambling practices and regulatory compliance. To explore how Flows can enhance your gaming platform’s risk management capabilities and elevate player protection, Get in touch for a personalised demo.