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Oct 11, 2023

Flow of the week: Addressing the challenge of advantage players and bonus abuse


In the vast landscape of online gambling, where players are constantly seeking the next big win, there exists a group known as “advantage players.” These individuals are not your typical gamblers; they meticulously study the system, looking for any edge they can exploit, especially when bonuses or free spins are on offer. This week, we delve into the world of advantage players, their tactics, and how Flows is revolutionising the way online casinos handle this challenge. Let’s dive in!

The Challenge: Navigating the ever-evolving world of advantage players

Advantage players are a unique breed. They are not necessarily cheating, but they are playing the system to their benefit. These players are always on the lookout for bonuses or free spins, depositing money primarily when such offers are available. Their strategy revolves around maximizing their returns by leveraging these bonuses or certain games; or a combination of both. For online casinos, this behavior can lead to significant financial losses, especially if many players adopt this strategy.

However, building automated alert and tagging systems to promptly flag such players is a daunting task. The dynamic nature of online casinos, with new games being launched and evolving advantage strategies, demands a system that’s not only robust but also adaptable. Being able to swiftly edit criteria to stay ahead of these players is crucial.

A notable example is the story of an advantage player named “Jay” and his friends. They managed to exploit several online casinos in New Jersey, winning almost a million dollars. They identified games where the odds were in their favor due to certain game states combined with the online casino’s return percentages. Their strategy was not about defying the odds but capitalizing on them.
*Reference: Raskin, Eric. “Advantage Player Cracks Online Casinos Again, For Over $500K.” NJOnlineGambling, Link.

The Solution: Harnessing real-time data and no-code automation

Flows offers a comprehensive solution to tackle the challenge posed by advantage players:

  • Real-time data integration: By connecting to all data points, Flows allows casinos to analyse player behavior in-depth, in real-time. This helps in identifying patterns typical of advantage players.
  • No-code dynamic alert & tagging systems: Flows provides an automated alert and tagging system that can promptly flag potential advantage players. What sets this system apart is its adaptability. As new games are introduced or as advantage strategies evolve, the criteria can be swiftly edited, by anyone in the business, ensuring that the system remains effective and up-to-date. No code or releases are needed.
  • Real-time alerts & tagging: Once an advantage player is detected, Flows sends instant alerts. It also automates the tagging process, flagging the player in the platform to exclude them from future bonuses and in the CRM to prevent them from receiving further offers.
  • Dynamic bonus structures: Flows can help casinos design bonuses that are less susceptible to exploitation. By analysing player behavior, casinos can offer bonuses that are both attractive and less prone to advantage play.
  • Integration with third-party tools: Flows can connect to various tools used by the casino, such as CRM, reporting tools, and internal communication tools like Slack, Teams, and Telegram. Instant integration through our Marketplace.

By leveraging Flows, online casinos can not only detect and counteract advantage players but also stay one step ahead, ensuring a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

The impact:

By implementing Flows, online casinos can save substantial amounts that would otherwise be lost to advantage players. The savings from just one such flow could cover the entire cost of the Flows monthly package. Beyond the monetary aspect, it’s about maintaining the integrity of the gaming experience for all players.

How do you flow it?

  1. Trigger the Flow: Initiate the flow once a bonus is awarded to a player.
  2. Data gathering: Connect the flow to the platform or any other data point to collect comprehensive data about the player in question.
  3. Calculate bonus ratio: Use the gathered data to calculate the Bonus ratio, which will serve as a primary filter for the alerts in our example.
  4. Limit alert frequency: Configure the flow to execute only once per player every X days. This ensures that the risk team isn’t overwhelmed with redundant alerts.
  5. Exclude specific players: Set parameters to exclude certain players from the flow’s scrutiny, such as streamers, test accounts, and specific VIPs.
  6. Add data stages: Integrate stages within the flow to extract specific data points like the number of days since registration or since the first deposit. Net deposits lifetime or in the last X days, full deposit and player summaries etc. This data can be instantly relayed to the risk team in the alert or used as additional filters.
  7. Customise alert routes: As illustrated in the example image, you can design the flow with multiple routes, each having distinct filters based on player bonus/deposit history and/por gameplay. Players must match these filters to be flagged as potential bonus abusers or advantage players.
  8. Instant real-time updates: Add tags, reporting and flags to 3rd party tools such as CRM or CS to ensure a seamless approach and empower your teams to handle these Advantage Players according yo your policies.

Limitless possibilities with Flows

Flows provides a holistic approach to the challenge of advantage players. With its ability to integrate with various data points and third-party tools, it offers a comprehensive solution to ensure fair play.

So, if you’re an online casino looking to safeguard against the tactics of advantage players, Flows is your answer. With potential savings and the promise of a fair gaming environment, it’s a win-win!

If you want to find out more about how flows can help you to accelerate delivery and supercharge your innovation, get in touch.