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Sep 22, 2022

App of the week – Slack


With Flows recently launched App Marketplace, all of our partners are just one click away from installing their favourite tools and services into their Flows environment. From Google Sheets and Twitter to Slack, Mailgun and more, with Flows App Marketplace our partners can seamlessly sync their business data in one place and use it however they need within our no-code automation platform. 

Our App of the week is messaging system Slack, a well known favourite when it comes to allowing us to connect and communicate at any time wherever we are, from any device – Many of us would be lost without it. 

Connecting slack to Flows will help you to make your workflows smooth and seamless and your workforce more reactive and productive. Below are some examples of how you can use slack with Flows to actively improve your business processes and communication. 

Reduce customer service response time

Flows slack app

Providing a high level of customer service and support has never been so important as it is today. As the market becomes more competitive, operators need to manage heightened customer expectations and deliver a first class customer experience. That is why it’s extra important to monitor players’ behaviour patterns and set workflow automations to act on events on demand at crucial moments within a player’s customer journey.

For example, it can often be the case that a player didn’t complete a registration or deposit, maybe through experiencing issues with the system or not fully understanding how to work it, or perhaps they just became distracted and moved away from the process. Whatever the reason, it’s important that you catch these events as quickly as possible to ensure that your teams can act quickly to prevent you from losing that player and their deposit. 

And this is where Flows comes in. With Flows you could set up a flow to monitor player registration and deposit processes which triggers on when a player has not completed an action such as registration in full or abandoned the deposit process. Combined with slack you can then trigger an alert to send a message to the customer support team directly on slack so that they are aware as the event happens and can react in real-time to proactively help the customer or simply remind them that they were about to register and entice them back. Not only does this provide a good customer experience but also ensures that you don’t lose them for good or their deposit.

Level-up your fraud prevention in real-time 

Flows slack app Fraud prevention

Flows makes it easier for you to identify potential fraud and anti-money laundering cases in real-time as they happen. Whether it be via setting workflows to monitor and flag patterns in abnormal spending activity, setting spending  limits and or spending on credit cards.  Combining Slack with Flows lets you take that workflow a step further by sending automated alerts directly to your teams at the time the event is taking place.  

If for example a player makes multiple deposit attempts using 3 or more different credit cards, with flows you can set a Flow to monitor this and trigger an alert to be sent to your fraud team in Slack in real-time to alert them of the possible fraud case, so that they can take action instantly. In cases of risk & fraud it’s extremely important that your teams have direct access to data on demand. Often these teams are working with data that is a day old, which is ineffective in preventing such events. Using Flows ensures that your team has the most up to date details of events as they happen, keeping them a step ahead allowing them to intervene on demand. 

Profiling your players – Sportsbook risk profiling 

Flows slack sportsbook risk profiling

If you are a sportsbook operator you might be experiencing common issues such as your punters making bets long before a sports event takes place? or only taking advantage of high odds?  These are frustrating pain points, but with Flows they can be easily avoided. With Flows you can set up a simple risk scoring flow, where you can set scores based on punters’ bets and trigger alerts to be sent directly to your teams via slack when certain risk scores are reached. This not only empowers your teams to react faster but also ensure they keep on top of any suspicious activity and take immediate action. This week’s Flow of the week, takes a look at how you can build this sportsbook risk profiling workflow. 

These are just a few examples of how you can benefit from the Flows App Marketplace using slack. If you want to find out more about Flows, the marketplace and how our no-code automation platform and how it can help you to empower your innovation contact us to book a demo.