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Sep 8, 2022

App of the week – Google Sheets


Earlier this month we announced the launch of the Flows App Marketplace, which allows our partners to be one click away from installing their favourite tools and services into their Flows environment. 

Slack, Twitter, Mailgun, dilisense and Google sheets are just some of the apps currently live on Flows, allowing our partners to seamlessly sync their business data in one place, within our no-code automation platform. 

Each week we are going to introduce you to a new app and how, combined with Flows, it can benefit your business and be customised beyond ‘just an integration’. This week our App of the week is Google Sheets, which allows you to collect, track, analyse and automate your data live. When you connect Flows with Google sheets you can also connect Google sheets to other 3rd party apps allowing you to automate all of your data spreadsheets tasks, saving a lot of time. 

Below are some examples of how you can use Google sheets with Flows to actively improve your business processes. 

Responsible Gaming  – leverage your data 

Are you looking to strengthen your responsible gaming controls? One of the biggest challenges of responsible gaming is having access to live, real-time data. Imagine if you could set up an automated workflow which triggers to automatically export vital data into google sheets live as events such as Velocity deposits and Declined deposits, long session times, failed deposits and players’ risk scoring triggers take place. With Flows, that is exactly what you can do. In connecting Google Sheets to Flows, you can ensure that the data is updated live in sheets so that all of your RG agents have access to it, ensuring they have true real-time data to take action on demand as events and abnormal patterns in player behaviour start to show, giving your teams the fuel they need to take constant immediate action so that you can ensure you have a solid and effective responsible gaming strategy. 

CRM – monitor bonus costs data 

In one of our recent ‘Flow of the week’ blog posts we showed you how you can set up a workflow to identify manual errors that can occur with bonus promotion set up (Bonkers Bonus Alert). This particular Flow allows you to set alerts to send direct messages to your CRM team when a bonus amount offered to a customer is over a certain threshold. The team can then intervene on demand, which could save you thousands in bonus costs and helps to reduce CRM manual hours. To enhance the process further, you can simply connect Google Sheets to your Flow so that the number of triggers are exported daily, weekly monthly, (however you choose) giving you direct access to the number of bonus mistakes that are being made on demand. This not only gives you live insight for your monthly reports on the true cost of any errors being made, but also on the amount being saved following action being taken on these triggers. 

Real-time Campaign data 

With our Google Sheets APP you can update promotional reports, for network promotions for example in real-time – both internal for game providers and external for operators. You can split the data into different lists based on any filters you require (such as payouts,  bet amount or total bet per promotion) to ensure that everyone in your marketing, frontend or CRM teams who needs access always has the latest, most up to date campaign data available. Not only will this save a lot of manual time and effort but it will also help to make your teams more efficient allowing them to make use of the live data as it comes in. 

These are just a few examples of how you can benefit from the Flows App Marketplace using Google sheets. If you want to find out more about Flows, the marketplace and how our no-code automation platform and how it can help you to empower your innovation contact us to book a demo.