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Send Grid

Nov 3, 2022

App of the month – SendGrid


The latest App to be added to our open-world app marketplace is email marketing platform, SendGrid, which provides you with more choice of how you reach out to your players, partners and internal teams alike via its email app. 

Connecting SendGrid to Flows will help you to make your workflows smooth and seamless and your workforce more reactive and productive and your campaigns more personalised. First impressions are important and It’s more vital today than ever before that all businesses differentiate themselves from the competition. However, it’s the overall customer experience and personal touch that will help you retain loyal customers.  

SendGrid enables you to deliver exceptional customer communication and transactional emails. By integrating SendGrid with Flows you can level up that communication even further by taking advantage of automated triggers you already have set up to add hyper-personalisation to your marketing campaigns and transactional messages. 

Below are a few examples of how you can use SendGrid with Flows to benefit your customers’ experience. 

Level up your affiliate content 

This week our Flow of the week takes a look at how you can set up Flows to rotate your affiliate website banners for every site visit based on banner priority via unique IP per user – a great way to ensure that you are providing the best customer service with tailored promotions depending on a user’s preferences. To take it a step further, when connecting SendGrid with Flows you can set up an automated Flow to collect visitors’ email addresses and send an automated email promotion with your top banner promotions based on a visitor’s clicks, directing them to your site to take advantage of the offer. Not only will this significantly improve the customers’ experience, but will also allow you to target and re-engage with those visitors who bounced off your site/didn’t convert, placing the banner promotion in front of their eyes once again. 

SendGrid can also be used to take your online strategy to the next level, for example, if you have multiple users who have clicked on a specific promotion but have not converted, it might indicate that something is wrong. There might have been a technical error, the sign-up process might be too long, or there might even be a bug on your or the operators’ site. With Flows you can set a workflow to trigger on unconverted clicks and automate a survey via SendGrid to collect valuable customer feedback; so that you can decrease your bounce rate and improve your conversions. 

Sports betting Re-engagement campaigns 

Flows Sports betting Re-engagement campaigns

With Flows you can significantly advance your sports betting promotions by identifying bettors by sport and, or team. For example, If you have a bettor who has placed multiple bets on the same team over a specific timeframe, let’s take football and say a specific team over the past few weeks’ games, you might want to send a message to ask them if they would like to be notified of when the next match is, ahead of the match with the odds for that game. If they say yes, using SendGrid combined with Flows you can then action that message to be sent via email ahead of the next match asking if they would like to place a bet. This example can also be used by marketing teams to segment bettors based on criteria such as sport type and team type so that the right promotions are sent to the right bettors at the right time. 

Omnichannel custom rewards 

Omnichannel loyalty

Integrating online and offline loyalty programs can be a struggle for many operators, which can result in players becoming frustrated especially if they are active customers of both entities and need to balance different levels of loyalty points between your two sites. But, don’t worry that is exactly where Flows comes in. In our  Flow of the week based on Omni loyalty, we show you just how easily you can set up an entire cross-loyalty program between both your online site and your land-based entity. 

With Flows you can build a custom loyalty rewards flow exactly how you want it – allowing you to grant bonuses and rewards in real-time as your players are playing. Combining Flows with SendGrid allows you to then notify your customers directly via email as their points and levels are updated ensuring a great customer experience.

The above are just a few examples of how you can improve your customer experience and add hyper-personalisation to your marketing campaigns for both Sports betting and casino players. If you want to find out more about Flows, the marketplace, and how our no-code automation platform and how we can help you to empower your innovation contact us to book a demo.