Flow of the week – Sportsbook risk profiling

Do you have issues with punters making bets long before the event? or Only taking advantage of high odds?  These are frustrating pain points, but don’t worry as with Flows they can easily be avoided. With Flows you can ensure that your team stay on top of any suspicious activity and take immediate automated actions.

In this Flow of the Week we will show you a simple risk profiling flow, where punters are getting risk scores based on their bets. And when they reach certain risk scores, alerts are sent to the team. You can also add several other routes where automated actions can be taken on really high risk scores.

So, how do you Flow it? 

Can I automatically add risk points to a customers bet?

Yes! And with Flows it is so simple to select the different variables to look for, and add risk points based on your set criteria. You can build as many criteria checks as you want – all in the same flow! In our example here we are checking if the bet is more than X days away or bet amount above Y or odds above Z. And as you can see, each row also flows into the next, meaning if someone matches all the criteria stages, they get all three risk scores added. If they only match one, they get one risk score added, and so on. Each criteria can give different amount of risk points. You could also add criteria to reduce risk points if applicable. As well as adding checks on tags, customer segmentation and demographics to base your risk score on.

With Flows you are also free to select the time-frame of your risk-scoring. So if you only want to base it on recent punter behaviour and not lifetime data – that is fully possible.

How do I store the risk score for monitoring?

If you haven’t already, then do check out our App of the week post about Google Sheets. With this integration which can be done in minutes, you can send your data to a google sheet for reports and monitoring.

In our example above, we are adding a row to the monitoring sheet with the player and the risk score. You may also add the full last bet information as well as fetch any other information you need from your PAM and add to your monitoring sheet, saving time from your risk team in search of punter data. Once added to the monitoring sheet, a message can be sent to the risk team through Slack or email so they can quickly review and take any required action

Can I add automated actions on certain risk scores?

On certain thresholds reached for risk score, you may certainly want to take some automated actions. And with Flows it is as simple as – Just Flow It! In our example, if the risk score is above the high threshold, we add a player tag that will temporarily block the account (an action automated through another flow, based on the tag being added) and then immediately alert the Risk team and inform the Sportsbook team.

Flows – Supercharge, Optimize and Empower!

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