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With the excitement of the much anticipated World Cup kicking off this weekend with Qatar V Ecuador, followed by England V Iran, Senegal V Netherlands and United Stated V Wales on Monday, we don’t need to ask who your bets are on, it’s just great to have it back! And so, we thought we would focus our Flow of the Week around Sportsbook to help give you a little more insight into how you can use Flows to enhance your Sportsbook offering to your players with our no-code innovation platform.

It’s going to be a strong month in the betting world, and as we all know, it’s not all about the winning 😉 so, how about running a very different kind of campaign and changing the angle to cheer up those who did not win on their betslips? And in true World Cup spirit – it’s a battle between the countries. Only in this battle, the losers are the winners!

In todays Flow of the week we will show you an example of a Profitability campaign per country. So let’s say you run a campaign where the punters from the country with the highest profitability on the settled bets every day – gets a bonus.

As an example, let’s say the punters from Spain have been a bit unlucky and lost a lot of betslips – Spain then has the highest profitability that day, and so you give everyone from Spain that had a settled bet that day a little pick-me-up bonus. This could be in the form of a free bet, freespins or bonus. All up to you! You can also choose if to give it to everyone from Spain that had a settled betslip that day, or only those with a losing Betslip that day, or maybe only for those with a losing betslip on the World Cup?

Now imagine having this all done fully automated instantly, with reporting, bonus payout and messaging. It can’t get any better than that can it? No, exactly? With Flows, all you have to do, is just Flow it!

So, how do you Flow it? 

Trigger and save the bets and wins per country

To create this type of Flow, you would need to trigger the Flow on every bet settled. Here we then route the Flow based on if it is a winning or a losing bet. After this we must store each win and loss so that we can later calculate the profitability.

Can Flows be used for your CRM?

After saving all the settled bet results, we then run both paths together again in a timer that will let the Flow continue after the set time ended. In our example we set a timer to run once every day, but this can be fully customised of course according to your campaign plan.

After the timer has run, the Route continues down the blue path where we set a lock and split the Flow into two routes. The green route (top) will only run once. This route starts with queries of the saved bets and wins to calculate the profitability per country during the set time. It then saves that profitability so that the data can also be used in the red path (bottom).

The red path runs once for every settled bet, another lock can also be added to ensure it is only run once per punter. In this path we wait a few milliseconds to ensure the green path has run first and the data has been saved. We then go and fetch the “winner” country (the country with the highest profitability) and trigger a bonus journey with messaging in the CRM tool, in this example we trigger a journey in Symplify. You may also add the bonus directly through Flows and use any CRM/Email marketing service of your choice for the customer messaging. (You can read more on this in our App of the month blog – Enhance your CRM with Flows)

Can Flows send real-time notifications?

Back up to the green path (top). Once we saved the profitability per country, we get the winner and save the winner country. We then continue our Flow by informing the Sportsbook team of today’s “Winner” country through Slack.

Here you may also add a report through Google Sheets, or table and dashboard through Airtable, with the profitability per country.

Remember – with Flows your only limit is your imagination. If you can think it – you can Flow it!

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