Flow of the week – RTP monitoring

Do you have some slots that haven’t paid out in a while? Or, maybe you have some with a lower RTP than usual that you want to promote? Many players are in the mindset of land-based slots-machines; looking for those that are waiting to hit that big win! So why not let them know which slots are currently low on RTP? Or maybe you just want to balance out games with high RTP by pushing more turnover on those?

Whatever you want to do, with Flows it’s possible. You can easily track RTP per game and per set period for example and then send the data in real-time to all your applications. With Flows you can connect to google sheet for monitoring your data, to the frontend for live customer facing feeds, your crm for automating promotions and newsletter sends and to Slack for triggering real-time alerts on certain events!

So, how do you Flow it? 

Can I calculate the RTP using Flows?

Yes you can! Simply flow on game end round and store all wins and losses in the game during the given time period. Query the sum and calculate the RTP – ready to send wherever you want to send it! In real-time, without the need to code.

How do I send the data?

With Flows APP marketplace you can connect all your applications in one place in just a few minutes! This empowers you to send and get data within your Flow without the need to code or publish – simply just Flow it.

In our example here, we add an app to send onsite messages to your customers, as well as call your frontend to update the game recommendations on the frontend based on their RTP. You may also add APPs such as Google Sheets for RTP monitoring or Slack for alerts.

With Flows, your only limit is your imagination.

Flows – Supercharge, Innovate and Empower!

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