Flow of the week – rotating banners

Whether you are an operator or affiliate you will want to ensure that your website always displays the most relevant content for your visitors so that you keep them interested. One way to do this is to track where they are clicking and base the new content you offer them on these clicks. 

With Flows you can take your site several steps ahead of the competition by customising the content you offer without the need for storing user logins and preferences . So, how do you do this? Well you can simply call Flows on every website visit and store information based on the visitors IP. Flows will then return what content to show based on priorities set plus the data from previous visits.

What if you have a situation where a visitor has clicked on your affiliate banner but didn’t convert? What can you do to ensure they do next time? There could of course be multiple reasons for this, one solution would be to display a pop-up the next time they visit with similar offers or ask if they want to continue with their sign-up. Maybe something went wrong and you want to collect their feedback to find the issue? With Flows you can automate it all.

With Flows it’s also possible to store clicks for each banner and to set banner priority based on amount of clicks. For example; “If Banner C has the highest Click-rate today/this week, then move it to 1st position – but not for those who already clicked on it”. All fully automated in real-time with Flows!

One use case that we will show in this Flow of the week is Rotating banners for every visit based on Banner Priority. Just set your banner priorities once in Flows – and Flows will store the visitor views of each banner to tell your site what to show next for each unique IP!

So, How do you Flow it? 

Trigger, fetch and store data

We start our Flow of the week by triggering on a website visit – passing through the visitor IP. We then get the saved IPs and check if this is a new visitor or returning. If new – set the initial banner priorities to return the set decided on for first visit. Here you could also route based on user country/city to return different initial banner sets per country/city.

This is all done in milliseconds and will not slow down your site. The banners are returned to load the site in no time!

In the flow we can also set default values if they have not been defined in the call – such as banner names, banner count and any other variable you might want to use.

Can Flows randomise which banners to show?

Yes of course! If all banners were to have the same or no priority – then Flows would simply return a complete random banner set on every website visit. If instead, like in our Flow of the week, there is a priority set at the start, then there will be a set of banners for the first visit based on that priority. And for each unique IP visit after that; the priority score for the banners would be updated and Flows would return a new set of random banners for each visit. But still with the priority as a base so those with high priority would be shown more times than those with low.

As shown above, Flows can query the full list of Banners and return the count asked for, in ascending order based on Priority score. Then for each banner returned – add to response list to display onsite and change their priority score for next time that IP will trigger the flow.

Remember – this is all done in real-time milliseconds! No heavy loading for your site or lots of code added in the frontend – just Flow it!

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