Flow of the week – Network Promotions

Are you a Game Provider that would like your promotions to run smoothly with automated payouts and a seamless customer experience? Do you like the the sound of eliminating tedious manual work of creating lists and sending out to operators? Well look no further! Flows can do all this for you – and much much more.

With Flows you can build both the entire promotion, as well as automate the payouts and all messages in-game. But it does not stop there – you can also set-up a seamless connection to every operator by updating Google sheets in real-time and even sending dynamic data to their frontend and CRM!

Just imagine a customised promotion banner running on an operators site – which also displays the customers points and leaderboard position or amount of tickets collected for a draw. And, what if the operators could then send out direct reminders to those below the threshold to enter a promotional draw. Whatever you imagine your dream setup to be – Flows can make it your reality.

The main struggle with Game provider network promotions is the disconnect between the game provider and operators while the players expect a seamless real-time experience. With Flows, you can increase your promotional take-up and turnover by fixing that disconnect!

So, how do you Flow it? 

Can I store the promotional data in Flows?

Yes, in Flows you can build your data stores by incrementing numbers and saving data to use later for draws or sending to operators.

In this Flow of the week we show you how to trigger on every game spin, route based on game and bet amount and then store the total bet amounts and counts; by promotion, operator, operator-userID and userID. However and whatever you want to store – you can build your own KPIs and attributes in minutes using Flows.

How do I check if a player is under/above the minimum?

We continue our example flow by sending the data to the game to update points and/or sending onsite to the operator so the player can track progress in real-time. It can be via onsite message (sent X times per day), via updating a banner or via CRM – however you  want to Flow it.

Here we also show how you can split the flow. In our example we have added a timer that waits 10 minutes if no new spin comes through from the player – meaning the player has stopped playing this game. Then we check if the player is below the qualifying threshold and if so – trigger a special dynamic banner onsite to remind the player about the promotion and how close they are to qualifying.

Can Flows send reports to the operator?

Just check it out! With our new Google Sheets APP you can update promotional reports in real-time – both internal for game providers and external for each operator. You can split in different lists based on any filters you need and ensure that everyone always has the latest campaign data available. 

As always with Flows, we empower you to put your ideas into delivery without the need to code!

If you want to find out more about how flows can help you to accelerate delivery and supercharge your innovation, get in touch 

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