Flow of the week – Jackpots

Want to fully customise and build YOUR own Jackpots? Look no further…Flows empowers your team to easily build jackpots, leaderboards and tournaments unique to your business.

Take your business a step ahead and leave behind those out of the box or standard template features, which let’s face it, are never really tailored quite enough…

From casino – live casino and lottery to Sportsbook and more, with flows you can add bespoke Jackpots, and update  them as often as you’d like in just a few minutes! Why not Maximise retention with segmented strategic Jackpots or maybe include some CSR with a Charity Jackpot where the winner chooses the charity?

There’s no limit with Flows – just your imagination! Remember – if you can think it, you can Flow it!

How do you Flow it? 

Flow 1 – Create Jackpot

Trigger, check game and save to Jackpot

Start your Flow by triggering it directly on every game spin. Then check which game it is. You can also add more filters such as spin value, where the player is from, player segmentation, tags or anything you would need to match before the Flow should continue.

Can Flows build and increment the Jackpot values?

Yes! With Flows you can easily build custom jackpots. Simply increment from every game spin that matches your previous filters, and add a percentage of each bet amount. You can also add to more than one Jackpot at the same time.

How do I get the Jackpot to show onsite?

Flow 2 – Jackpot load

Save MONTHS of development work and simply just call the Flow on game load – get the stored Jackpot values and add to the response.

Is there a way to randomly pay out the Jackpot?

Flow 3 – Jackpot numbers

There are many ways to Flow a Jackpot payout. Here we show one version where we assign a random number to the Jackpot as well as to the player spin. If they match – the player wins that jackpot! This makes it very easy to decide and change the odds of winning; Simply add as many random numbers as you need for the odds you want.

Continue your flow by checking if the numbers match – if they do, then pay out the Jackpot instantly or simply notify your CRM team – all up to you!

You may also add winner notifications to the player and then we end this example flow by resetting the Jackpot value – which can be reset to 0 or a custom start value.

If you want to find out more about how flows can help you to accelerate delivery and supercharge your innovation, get in touch 

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