Flow of the week – Fuel fill up Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty is at the heart of every industry – not just for iGaming. So for this weeks Flow of the week, we are showing an example of a location based Loyalty flow that could be adapted to any industry. Simply use Flows to check where your customer is, what they have been up to and reward instantly – you can even base the reward on the current weather! 

For example, if whether you are a land-based operator or supermarket superstore like ‘Tesco’ or ‘Costco’ with a fuel station on site, with Flows you can specifically tailor your promotions based on circumstances such as the weather conditions and how often a customer is using your service. You could set a flow to identify the circumstances of your VIP customers. For example say you have a loyal customer who has just filled their car to full at one of your locations, which is quite a distance from the last location they filled up. Here you can identify they are loyal, they have driven a long way and if the weather is a little chilly outside, why not send them an instant promotion to offer them a free coffee inside the next station they fuel up in? Or if it’s scorching hot weather, offer them a free ice cream inside with AC  – on the house of course since they are such a loyal customer.

How do you Flow it? 

How do I check and store fill up data?

Simply call Flows whenever a customer does a top up using a loyalty card. Flows can then get the location information, fetch any previous data and store the new fill up data.

How do I check how far the customer has been driving?

With Flows you can connect all your applications in one place in just a few minutes. One such app is the Weather app. This not only checks the weather of the location, but can also tell you the distance between locations stored for one customer. So here we continue our Flow by doing just that, as well as how long time has passed between the top-ups. Has the customer been driving far and for a long time? Yes? Then continue the Flow.

Can I base the reward on the weather?

Who wants an ice cream on a cold and rainy day? Well, maybe the 2-year old in the backseat but likely not the parent filling up the tank! So make sure you check the weather in their location before offering them a coffee or ice cream after that long drive.

Continue your Flow just the way you want it – store the loyalty data, inform the customer, update loyalty card and anything else that you may think of.

This is just one example of how Flows can be used in and out of the iGaming industry, to reward loyal customers based on their daily habits, the weather and personal circumstances. As always; Flows – if you can think it – you can Flow it!

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