Flow of the week – Abandoned Cart/Deposit

Re-engage cart abandoners with personalized email campaigns.
In the e-commerce business, shopping cart abandonement is a main challenge. In i-Gaming we see a similar trend of abandoned deposits. The customer went all the way to the final step, but did not deposit, why? And how should you take on this challenge? Sometimes they do need that little push on their path to purchase.

With Flows the challenge is simple – just point the data from your site tracking to Flows and you can action in real-time as the customer is still on the site.

As soon as that cart is closed you can send an onsite message asking if support can help with anything, or prompt with an extra offer. If the customer still closes down the site, you can follow up with an email to the customer, with the cart ready and an offer added, so the customer will only need to click on the email and immediately have the cart prepared. Still no action from the customer? Send a survey and ask why!

User experience in the cart is absolute key – and you need to collect the feedback. After all, your customers are your main business investors. You should listen to why they would go all the way to purchase but then stop.

Below is an example of a simplified Abandoned cart flow – but really, with Flows there are no limitations – only your imagination!

How do you Flow it? 

Trigger, route and save data

Start your Flow by selecting the Deposit trigger. Once Flows receives data from a deposit event, we filter on the status and save that data to use later in our Flow. In this flow we store the data “Abandoned” or “Success” in the LastDepositState key attribute. This means that the attribute will have the state of the last event that triggered the Flow, i.e if there is no successful deposit coming through for the customer, then the state will be left as abandoned.

Get player details and send onsite message

Our flow here continues on the green path after an abandoned deposit, and we then get the customer data needed for any messaging before triggering an onsite message to the customer. In this example the customer would receive a pop-up message instantly as he abandons a deposit after initiating it.

Wait and send offer

We then wait for 24 hours after the abandoned deposit onsite message and then get the stored data on Last deposit state to see if a successful deposit has come through or if the last state is still Abandoned. If it is, the flow continues through the green path, we assign a bonus on the next deposit and send the offer to the customer via email.

Wait and send Survey

We again wait for 24 hours after the abandoned deposit email message, get the stored data on Last deposit state and filter on if last deposit state is still abandoned, then continue through green path to send a Survey to the customer.

And That is How It Flows!

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