Flow of the week – Sportsbook Profitability Bonus

With the excitement of the much anticipated World Cup kicking off this weekend with Qatar V Ecuador, followed by England V Iran, Senegal V Netherlands and United Stated V Wales on Monday, we don’t need to ask who your bets are on, it’s just great to have it back! And so, we thought we would

Flow of the week – Enhance your CRM with Flows

Speaking to anyone in a CRM team you often hear that it’s “like riding a bike – except the bike is on fire”, with constant new features and promotions to try to keep up with while managing a backlog and ensuring KPI targets are met. Well, how about automating those pesky time-consuming manual promotions like

Flow of the week – rotating banners

Whether you are an operator or affiliate you will want to ensure that your website always displays the most relevant content for your visitors so that you keep them interested. One way to do this is to track where they are clicking and base the new content you offer them on these clicks.  With Flows

Flow of the week – Progressive Jackpots

From Barcelona and Malta to Vegas, Jackpots are on everyones lips this season – we heard you and so, in true Flows style, this weeks Flow of the week takes a look at Jackpots and how with Flows, you can fully automate them.  If you are looking for a solution that allows you to fully

Flow of the week – Risk Alerts

How can your company ensure the best Risk & Fraud strategies? Well, by using Flows of course! With Flows no-code automation platform, your entire Risk & Fraud team is empowered to customise alerts and actions – in real-time! Supercharge what you have and build what you don’t – Just Flow It! In this weeks Flow

Flow of the week – Fuel fill up Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty is at the heart of every industry – not just for iGaming. So for this weeks Flow of the week, we are showing an example of a location based Loyalty flow that could be adapted to any industry. Simply use Flows to check where your customer is, what they have been up to and

Flow of the week – RTP monitoring

Do you have some slots that haven’t paid out in a while? Or, maybe you have some with a lower RTP than usual that you want to promote? Many players are in the mindset of land-based slots-machines; looking for those that are waiting to hit that big win! So why not let them know which

Flow of the week – Sportsbook risk profiling

Do you have issues with punters making bets long before the event? or Only taking advantage of high odds?  These are frustrating pain points, but don’t worry as with Flows they can easily be avoided. With Flows you can ensure that your team stay on top of any suspicious activity and take immediate automated actions.

Flow of the week – License check for game providers

Ever changing and increasing license requirements are not just a headache for an operator they are also a huge pain point for game providers. Many new licenses come with requirements such as prohibiting Auto-spin and minimum spin time. But with Flows, that doesn’t have to be a worry! Flows, no-code technology allows you to edit

Flow of the week – Cash/Bonus Drops

How do you like the sound of  being able to set-up your own fully automated custom cash/money/free spins drop campaigns in just minutes? Well, prepare to be amazed as we have something extra special for you today! With Flows you can easily supercharge what you have and build what you don’t! In this weeks Flow,