Flow of the week – Bonus Abuse

Set alerts on common bonus abuse patterns
Most iGaming platforms now have ways of preventing bonus abuse, but new exploitable games with new features are constantly released. With Flows you can automate alerts based on common patterns for bonus abuse, and quickly act to improve your bonus wagering rules.

Some examples where Flows can help you are alerts on high bonus payouts, high bonus turned to cash (also accumulative bonus turned to cash over a period of time), games with high bonus turnover and as in the example we will show below – when a game round takes much longer than expected to finish (bonus stashing in the game).

But those are only a few examples – there are no limits – Innovate and automate all your Bonus Abuse rules with Flows!

How do you Flow it? 

Trigger, route and save data

Start your Flow by selecting your trigger. Once Flows receives data from the event, we filter on if it is a Game spin start event and if bonus funds were used. In this flow we then store the eventtime of the game spin start in the new key “time”.

Get the game round time

Our flow here continues on the red path after the first route that was filtering on if it was a spin start. If it is not a spin start, we now check if it is a spin end or spin win. If any of these match – both green paths follow to the Change data stage where we compare the saved <time> key from the spin start with the new eventtime from the spin end/win. We then get the result in Milliseconds, which we convert to minutes in the next stage.

Filter on long game rounds and send Risk alert

We continue with our flow by adding a filter on if the game round took more than X amount of minutes. Then continue to get the Player Profile and send an alert to the Risk team on Slack to review the player account and gameplay.

You can continue to build on your Flow with different actions based on if win or no win, if win in cash or bonus, adding tags, temporary player blocks, block withdrawals and so on. Flows is here to help you reduce and prevent iGaming fraud.

Just Flow it!

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